Egg Stamping - The Basics

Egg Stamping - The Basics

Sep 26, 2017Stephanie Johnson

Egg Stamping - The Basics

Stamping farm fresh eggs is quickly becoming a popular and simple way to make your produce stand out. Opening a carton and seeing that little stamp is certain to make your friends, family and customers smile. Some folks even stamp their own farm's name or logo.

Now, I don't want to make it sound complicated, because it's really not. But I wanted to do a post with some tips and tricks to get the best stamp on those hard earned fresh eggs!

1. Eggs - It is very important the eggs be stamped at room temperature. If not, cold egg shells quickly condense and become wet, keeping the ink from applying. (Please note: Refrigeration after stamping is perfectly ok.)

2. Ink - Obviously, you will need an ink that is non-toxic. Other than that, it is very much a personal preference.

    Here are three ink suggestions:

    1) I offer an egg safe ink in my shop that is made for stamping egg shells.

    2) Food Safe/Food Grade Ink can be purchased online (eBay, amazon, etc.). Normally, it is a bottle of ink and you will have to purchase an empty ink pad and refill the pad as needed.

    3) Food Coloring can also be used as an ink. Carefully drop some coloring on a paper towel and dab stamp onto the towel. (You may want to do this over a paper plate- It can be a little messy)

3. Basic Techniques

  • Stamping works best on the largest/roundest part of the egg, especially for a larger stamp.
  • Roll the stamp onto the egg. By this, I mean hold the egg in one hand and the stamp in the other, press one side of the stamp onto the egg and "roll" the stamp until the entire image has touched the egg. If you have a large or square stamp you may need to also use a circular rolling motion. 
  • To blot or not? If you think your images are coming out to dark or the ink looks to heavy, try blotting the ink on a paper towel before stamping.
  • Keep in mind that food grade/food safe inks will be lighter than a non-toxic craft ink.

4. Clean Up - This can depend on what type of ink you used. But usually a wet paper towel works well.

I hope you found these tips helpful! Egg stamping is so much fun - and totally addicting! If you have any more questions please feel free to email me at or visit me at  - Happy Stamping!

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